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The digestive system is so important to the overall health and wellbeing of the body. That’s why it’s key to support your gut health every day by giving it all the nutrients it needs. One nutrient—fiber—plays a key role in keeping the digestive system working at its best. But only 10% of Americans get enough fiber in their regular diet every day.1 The good news? Metamucil can help close the fiber gap. Plus, when taken daily, Metamucil can help trap and remove the waste that weighs you down* so you can feel lighter and more energetic.**

What is Metamucil’s Two Week Challenge?

Metamucil’s Two-Week Challenge is a program that helps you get started with your daily Metamucil routine. It’s a fun way to keep you on track with taking Metamucil powders or capsules daily, so you can feel the full effect of psyllium fiber working in your gut.

Why two weeks? As with any dietary change, your body needs time to adjust. While you’ll likely notice the regularity* benefits of Metamucil sooner, we’re confident that after two weeks you’ll be feeling lighter and more energetic** and well on your way to making it a part of your daily health routine.

After you sign up, you’ll get an email every day for two weeks with tips, tricks, and reminders to keep you going strong on your daily Metamucil.

Why Should I Take Metamucil’s Two-Week Challenge?

It’s a challenge to add something new to your daily routine. But we believe that Metamucil can make a difference in your overall health, and we want to help you along your digestive health journey. Don’t just take our word for it, see what other people have to say after taking the Two-Week Challenge:

  • “I take it every morning. It makes me feel lighter and I feel good all day.” – Frances, South Carolina
  • “I was having some issues with irregularity. Metamucil fixed me. I feel so much better. I feel… less sluggish. I will continue to use Metamucil as a part of my daily routine.” – Camille, Pennsylvania
  • “Metamucil worked great. I feel and look so much better. No more bloating… It also has brought my cholesterol numbers down & put my numbers where they need to be. I use it every night…” – Patricia, Massachusetts
  • “I put the container on the counter for my morning ritual! Really loved the taste & looked forward to getting it daily. I also got three friends to come onboard…” – Elaine, Tennessee
  • “I’ve been taking Metamucil for about three weeks now, it’s great… My poop is nice and soft, it comes out easy…” – Michael, New Jersey
  • “Got to admit, it works. It eases that bloated belly feeling and keeps ‘things moving.’” – Allen, New York

How to Join Metamucil’s Two-Week Challenge

Ready to join for the Two-Week Challenge? Sign up here for daily inspirational reminders. visit our product pages or your favorite retailer to decide which Metamucil psyllium fiber supplement is right for you.

Once you have your Metamucil – it’s time to get started! Follow the instructions on the package and take your Metamucil daily for two full weeks.

10 Tips for Metamucil’s Two-Week Challenge

1. Pick the Metamucil Psyllium Fiber Product that Fits Your Lifestyle
Metamucil’s psyllium fiber comes in many forms and flavors. For your Two-Week Challenge, choose from our Powders and Capsules. If your lifestyle is more on-the-go, you may prefer Metamucil Capsules so you can keep them in your bag and take them at a time convenient to you. If you prefer to take your Metamucil in the morning when you wake up or in the evening before bed, then you may prefer mixing the Metamucil Powders into a cool drink. No matter which form you take—remember to take it daily.

2. Start Slow and Increase Your Psyllium Intake
Start with one serving daily of Metamucil at first, then gradually increase to your desired intake. You may experience gas or bloating in the first few days as your body adjusts to the added fiber. This is normal and should go away as your body gets used to the added fiber.

3. Put Powder into the Glass First
Make sure to put the powder into the dry, empty glass before pouring in the liquid. That will ensure a smoother drink so you can enjoy getting your daily fiber.

4. Only Mix into Cool Liquid
If you choose powdered Metamucil, you can mix with juice or water, but make sure that the liquid is cool. Hot liquids make it hard to mix and drink your Metamucil because the psyllium fiber gels faster in comparison.

5. Take it at the Same Time Every Day
It’s Metamucil-o-clock for someone out there, somewhere. Anytime is a good time to take Metamucil. Pick a time you know you’ll be consistent with – whether that’s in the morning with breakfast, with each meal, or before you head to bed. Naturally fitting Metamucil into your regular routine makes it easier to stay consistent. Set a reminder on your phone, tablet, computer, or alarm clock to help keep you on track. Metamucil can be taken up to 3x per day.

6. Add Metamucil to Your Smoothies
Metamucil powders can be mixed into more than just water or your favorite juice. You can also add it to your favorite smoothie or shake recipe. For example – try Metamucil’s Tropical Fruit Smoothie Recipe . The recipe calls for 1/2 cup of low-fat vanilla yogurt, 1/2 of a peeled banana, 1/4 cup mango juice, 1 rounded teaspoon of Metamucil Orange Powder, and 1/2 a cup of ice. Blend it all together and drink up to get 5g of fiber in your diet. Check out more Metamucil recipes here.

7. Pick Up Where You Left Off
Life can be incredibly busy sometimes and distract you from keeping up your healthy habits like exercise and taking your daily Metamucil. If you miss a day of Metamucil, don’t stress it. Pick up where you left off and continue your daily regimen.

8. Nominate a Friend to Take the Challenge with You
Invite a friend to take Metamucil’s Two-Week Challenge with you. Keep each other accountable by sending daily reminders to each other or selfies. Or add a friendly competition to the mix to incentivize taking your Metamucil even more. Winner can treat the other friend to a new cannister of Metamucil powders or a high-fiber lunch!

9. Read the Directions
It may sound obvious to simply recommend reading the directions . Identify the benefits you want to get from Metamucil—whether that’s to increase your daily fiber intake or help you feel less hungry in between meals* or something else. Then check the label to see how best to take it daily to deliver those benefits.

10. Keep Taking Metamucil Beyond the Two Weeks!
Metamucil’s Two Week Challenge isn’t the only time you can take Metamucil—in fact, you can take it every day, 365 days a year! If you’re enjoying the benefits you’re getting from taking your Metamucil during these two weeks, why stop? Keep up your daily psyllium fiber routine so you can feel what lighter feels like* year-round.

Plus, when taken daily over a longer period of time, you can get up to four different benefits from Metamucil’s psyllium fiber. Keep reading to learn about each benefit.

4 Health Benefits Metamucil Can Provide

Metamucil’s psyllium fiber capsules and powders have three different benefits that support your overall health and wellbeing. Keep reading to learn more.

1. Helps promote digestive health*

Taking Metamucil daily can help support regularity.* The psyllium fiber in Metamucil powders and capsules forms a gel that moves through the digestive tract helping trap and remove the waste.*

2. Helps support heart health by lowering cholesterol†

The gelled psyllium traps some bile acids in the small intestine. This prevents reabsorption, and the trapped bile acids can pass into the large intestine with waste. At that point, the liver would draw more cholesterol from the blood to make new bile acids, thus resulting in lower blood cholesterol levels.†

3. Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels*

The psyllium fiber in Metamucil powders and capsules form a viscous gel that traps sugars. They are then slowly released and absorbed into the body, helping you maintain healthy blood sugar levels.*

4. Bonus Metamucil Powders Also Help you feel less hungry between meals*

When you take Metamucil powders, the gel formed by the psyllium fiber in your stomach can help you feel fuller longer, helping curb your hunger between meals by reducing your desire to eat.*

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