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I cannot believe that I did not use this product sooner. I feel so much better! I feel much lighter. This is a miracle product! Thank you, Metamucil!
Lucy | California
I felt great!!! Energetic and lighter, appetite was light...really enjoyed this challenge.
Cynthia | Mississippi
Lisa | Maryland
I learned about the Metamucil challenge from Sheryl Underwood. I decided to try it and I feel much better after doing the Challenge. ...Taking Metamucil helped me to have regular bowel movements.
Janet | Ohio
I take it every morning. It makes me feel lighter and I feel good all day.
Frances | South Carolina

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I have been taking this for about two years. I WILL continue taking it the REST OF MY LIFE. It has CHANGED my life, and THAT is NO BULL!!! ...NOW, I am as regular as a Swiss watch! I take this EVERY afternoon WITHOUT FAIL....... and it has NEVER failed me ONCE! ... I THANK GOD EVERY DAY for METAMUCIL!!!
Tim | Oklahoma
There is no comparison to any other fiber supplement. Sugar-Free 4-in-1 has changed my life in an unbelievable way. I am a customer forever!
Stan | California
I began the challenge on January 19, 2020 and I am thankful I did. I have purchased my second bottle - this time the Sugar-Free formula.
Karen | Pennsylvania
I have been drinking this product for a about a month and I feel great. Thanks for making such amazing products.
Ana | California
I am on day 7 of the challenge. ...I feel much better and lighter. Happy to add Metamucil to my daily routine.
Debbie | Hawaii
This product is very helpful to the senior population as we become more sedentary. It is very helpful to eliminate a sluggish feeling.
Rhetta | Kansas
It made me feel better and... not bloated all the time. Its easy to do and I think it tastes good too.
Louisa | Arizona
I started the Two-Week Challenge and it sure made my body feel lighter…! The inside of my body feels great. Thanks for the Challenge.
Brenda | Florida
I really enjoyed the Metamucil Two-Week Challenge! I find the taste to be great and I experience regular bowel movements each day. The best part is that I feel so energetic and light! I take it every other day as a maintenance. I'm so glad I tried Metamucil! (Incidentally -- the Metamucil Thins are wonderful too. So yummy!)
Robbie | California
I needed help with regulation. I started out 3 times a day. Second week twice a day. By the end of the second week I was doing very good. I have continued taking it twice a day now for weeks. I take Metamucil with Stevia. Works well for me. Thank you for inviting me to take the Two-Week Challenge.
Donna | Louisiana
Feel so much better after taking the Two-Week Challenge!!
Andrew | Virginia
I started taking Metamucil because of Sheryl on the talk. I am going on my 5th week. I feel so much better.
Chris | Ohio
The Challenge was very easy to do. I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt after the first week. I felt lighter and my system was regular for the first time in years. As a result of how good I feel and how simple this is to do I will now make this part of my daily routine.
Anna | New York
I took the Two-Week Challenge 4 months ago and I am still using Metamucil and will continue. I truly feel better every day.
Thelma | Maryland
I love it. It made me feel lighter and cleaner.
Dorothy | Louisiana
I've found this Metamucil Two-Week Challenge a blessing. ...Metamucil has me on a regular routine now, (sometimes even 2-3 times per day), and I feel GREAT! I actually look forward to taking it every day because of the results. I am no longer sluggish! I feel very energetic and lighter. I had basically forgotten just how good you could feel simply from being regular!! Because of this Two-Week Challenge, Metamucil will now be part of my dietary/vitamin regime on a daily basis!! Thank you for offering the challenge!
Michelle | North Carolina
I start my morning ritual with Metamucil and I have never felt better. I have been on the intermittent fasting diet and found myself constipated and making the choice of Metamucil first thing in the morning has eased this. I had no idea it would also help with dieting. I feel full for hours after a glass of Metamucil. What a great addition to dieting. I even take my canister when traveling, I have not missed a day since beginning the commitment to feel better. Thank you for your product, I will always promote it.
Serena | California
I feel full when I drink it. I feel cleaned out when I use the restroom. I have continue to use it daily. I am so glad that I took this Challenge. It tastes pretty good too. Thank you.
Michelle | Arkansas
Metamucil is a life saver. I use the Fiber Thins every day and love them.
Virginia | Florida
I started beginning of January, I have never been so regular and have not had problems with stomachaches... I take it every morning with a glass of water. I'm a lifer now. Great product!
Yvonne | Kansas
I've been taking Metamucil pills for about a year and I swear by them. I'm trying to get my sisters and daughter to take them. I love the regularity of my system. I love it!
Melody | Pennsylvania
After taking Metamucil I feel more energetic, lighter, and more fit. I take it 3 times a day. My cholesterol is down and I feel great – thanks Metamucil!
Stephanie | Florida
I started the Challenge 5 days ago and feel great! It is nice to not feel bloated all the time! The taste is good and the results are even better!
Joyce | Florida
Love Sheryl! She’s so honest and always makes laugh. Metamucil daily, along with other good habits, has really helped me. I will continue to use every day, as I feel much better to eliminate daily and with more ease.
Marie | New Jersey
I am very excited about Metamucil. It really moves me well. I do not feel hungry a lot. I love that it curbs my appetite. The Metamucil Challenge is the best thing ever. The taste is amazing. This product is a must get and a must keep in my house.
Tara | New York
I was having some issues with irregularity. Metamucil fixed me. I feel so much better. I have more energy and feel less sluggish. I will continue to use Metamucil as part of my daily routine.
Camille | Pennsylvania
I took the challenge last year and shortly after that I won a year’s supply of Sugar Free Metamucil. People, it really works! I continue to take it once daily and it works it's magic. You will feel relief and more energetic. No false hype here!
Earnest | Ohio
It really works. I do feel better and lighter inside. I am going to continue to take it.
Victoria | Colorado
Metamucil has been a really great addition to my daily intake! ...I had been taking a generic capsule form for over a year without much change. When I heard about the Metamucil Two-Week Challenge I thought why not give it a try? ...I was able to find Metamucil with no added sweetener and have been taking that for two weeks and beyond. It is a very welcome change and I am very happy and have recommended Metamucil to others! It has really relieved some stress.
Sue | New Hampshire
I have used Metamucil for many, many years and will continue to do so. I customize every full glass with: large table spoon of Metamucil, sprinkle of ground cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon of mixed ground chia & Flax seed. Just to give my morning start a fiber boost. (Make sure you grind the chia & flax seed)
Roy | Illinois
I took the Metamucil Two-Week Challenge and I absolutely loved it! I feel so good I am continuing the Metamucil Challenge. ...And it's TRUE I definitely feel lighter and more energetic! I thought at first when I started the Metamucil Challenge that I wasn't going to like drinking it because I noticed that it gets thick if you let it sits for a few minutes. So I now don't let it sit for too long. I love the taste of it as well. It tastes as though I'm drinking an orange beverage. Thank you, Sheryl, for sharing your Metamucil Challenge with us! I love watching "The Talk" every day! You all are a fabulous team and host, thanks again and I will share the Metamucil Challenge too!
Elsie | Virginia
I've been taking this for about 6 months – Sheryl recommended it and my son’s gastroenterologist recommended it also. I am regular and feel so much better. Thank you, Sheryl.
Shirley | Tennessee
I did the Two-Week challenge and I love it I felt good in the morning and had a good night sleep! Thanks, Sheryl Underwood for the Challenge.
Eva | Arkansas
I was a little skeptical about taking anything to improve my health but let me say this, I am so happy I took the Challenge after watching Sheryl Underwood on "The Talk" - that's when I was convinced to try the Two week Challenge. I felt good on the inside as well as the outside, I didn't feel bloated anymore, I felt great each day after taking Metamucil for two weeks. In fact, I take it each morning - each day I feel like I could do anything! I'd highly recommend it to anyone that wants to feel great each day! It's a little expensive but it’s worth the cost.
Salienier | Louisiana
I need more fiber in my body to help my slow intestines and now going great. I will continue to use it' because it what makes me healthy and feeling good. Thanks for a great product.
Rita | Michigan
I love It!! And it makes me feel Great!
Lynn | Massachusetts
I felt great after the first day.
Samantha | New Mexico
I’m always bloated. Always. I did the Two-Week Challenge and my jeans got loose. I have a juicer machine. I add Metamucil to my juice every evening and it makes me feel good! I no longer suffer from constipation…
Sandra | California
Metamucil worked great. I feel and look so much better. No more bloating... It also has brought my cholesterol numbers down and put my numbers where they need to be. I use it every night…
Patricia | Massachusetts
...It has really changed my health situation in a big way. I feel more energetic. I take it in the mornings... I have improved on eating in moderation and with the help of Metamucil I am much better. A wonderful product…
Toine | Texas
Got to admit, it works. It eases that bloated belly feeling and keeps "things" moving.
Allan | New York
Definitely glad that I did the Two Week Challenge and have continued taking once a day... I would recommend daily use to people... It’s nice to have one less thing to be worried about!
Joy | Colorado
...After I set a timer on my phone and made sure I made my drink, it was smooth sailing. I did start making a yummy smoothie (1 banana, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup ice, 1 teaspoon orange-flavored Metamucil). It was so good I looked forward to my daily smoothie. After the two weeks, I felt great and I will continue with my smoothies forever.
Debi | Illinois
I did the Two Week Challenge ...I feel so much better... I did use it every day it helps my stomach. I go regularly…
Lilliana | Kentucky
Really good feeling both inside and out. Taste great…
Debra | Georgia
I put the container on the counter for my morning ritual! Really loved the taste and looked forward to getting it daily. I also got three friends to come onboard!...
Elaine | Tennessee
I couldn’t new more pleased about my results. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this good...and regular. I will continue to take Metamucil every day. Thank you.
Linda | New Jersey
I've been taking Metamucil for about three weeks now it's great. ...My poop is nice and soft it comes out easy…
Michael | New Jersey
I Love Metamucil! Been taking it for about 2 months now. I can tell the difference. Easy to drink. The dog waits for the ice cubes from my Metamucil! I enjoy the flavor. Tastes like a popsicle!
Renee | Pennsylvania
Started the Two-Week Challenge in January, and have been going strong since. I've been eating healthy adding this to my diet gives me that extra boost I need during the day. Plus I love the taste - not chalky. What I love best about it kills those cravings between meals ...I'm looking good and feeling good.
Terrance | Florida
A huge thank you to Metamucil!! I took the Two-Week Challenge and will continue to keep it as a daily part of my life. ...I feel normal with regularity. ...I will continue with this and once again thank you as it’s changed my life...!!!
Donna | Florida
I really love this product. It helps me greatly with my diet and adds many perks to my diet plan. It helps with my ...constipation from following a low carb/higher fat diet plan. It really compliments my current diet plan well.
Cynthia | South Carolina
I did the Challenge for two weeks and I feel amazing.
Genetta | South Carolina
...I have been going everyday and that’s a blessing to me. I have never be excited to use the restroom like this before and I am going to continue to use Metamucil. ...Thank you.
Leana | Texas
I like the results I get with Metamucil, and the taste is good - better than any other…
Michael | Pennsylvania
I can't imagine my life without it now. I feel lighter... The taste is delicious…
Kathernie | New Mexico