Answers to frequently asked questions about Meta Daily Heart Health

What is Meta Daily Heart Health?

Meta Daily Heart Health is an over-the-counter dietary heart health supplement clinically proven to help patients lower total and bad (LDL) cholesterol. It contains 100% natural psyllium husk, and is available as convenient, easy-to-dose, Berry Smooth-flavored powder packets.

How does Meta Daily Heart Health help patients lower cholesterol?

The psyllium husk in Meta Daily Heart Health slowly forms a gel when mixed with liquids. In the digestive tract, this gel traps substances called bile acids, which are made from cholesterol and help with digestion. Some of these trapped bile acids are gently removed with waste. In response, the body uses blood cholesterol to replace the bile acids, resulting in lower blood levels of LDL and total cholesterol in your patients.
See how Meta Daily Heart Health works in the body to lower cholesterol.

What is the recommended daily dosing for Meta Daily Heart Health powder?

It is suggested your patients take one packet of Meta Daily Heart Health twice a day.

Is it safe for my patients to take Meta Daily Heart Health with prescription medication, like a statin?

As with any supplement, it is important to evaluate if they’re safe for your patients to take in conjunction with a prescription medication. Bulk-forming fibers like the psyllium husk in Meta Daily Heart Health may affect how medicines work. As such, it is recommended Meta Daily Heart Health not be taken within 2 hours of any prescription medicines. Advise your patients whether Meta Daily Heart Health is right for them.

How long should patients expect it to take for Meta Daily Heart Health to impact their cholesterol levels?

In clinical studies, consumers have experienced benefits as early as four weeks with compliant dosing. For best results, have patients follow the recommended daily dosing (two times a day), and consider getting their next cholesterol screenings 8–12 weeks after starting their Meta Daily Heart Health daily usage.

How much of a reduction in total and bad (LDL) cholesterol levels should patients expect to see by taking Meta Daily Heart Health?

In clinical studies, consumers have experienced significant reductions in LDL cholesterol—even above reductions from changing diet alone. Individual results will vary, so speak to your patients during their next appointment, and share published clinical results for psyllium husk—the key ingredient in Meta Daily Heart Health—in reducing LDL cholesterol, and whether it may be appropriate for their heart health needs.

Is Meta Daily Heart Health gluten free?

Yes! Meta Daily Heart Health is gluten free. In fact, psyllium husk—the key ingredient in Meta Daily Heart Health—is often used in gluten-free recipes.

What is the difference between soluble and insoluble fiber?

Soluble fibers dissolve in liquid and insoluble fibers do not dissolve in liquid. Most naturally occurring fibers, like psyllium, are a combination of both soluble and insoluble fibers. Psyllium is an especially rich source of soluble fiber.

Are there any drug interactions or restrictions with Meta Daily Heart Health?

Soluble viscous gel-forming fibers, such as psyllium husk and β glucan, may affect how well oral medications work. If your patients are taking a prescription medication by mouth, take Meta Daily Heart Health at least two hours before or two hours after the prescribed medicine.

How much sugar is in Meta Daily Heart Health, and what effect would this have on a calorie-restricted diet?

Meta Daily Heart Health Powder does not contain sugar. For patients on calorie-restricted diets, Meta Daily Heart Health Powder contains 35 calories per serving.

Can I use Meta Daily Heart Health in a nasogastric (ng) tube? In a gastric (g) tube?

Because of the small-bore (opening) size of the ng and g tube, Meta Daily Heart Health is not recommended for use in this situation. The risk of clogging the tube with the product is too great to justify its use.

Are there other formulations my patients can use to get the same benefits?

The psyllium in Meta Daily Heart Health Powders is also available in the following Meta products:
• Metamucil Powders
• Meta Daily Blood Sugar Support Powders