How Dietary Fiber Affects Your Patients' Health

Dietary fiber is defined as "the nondigestible carbohydrates and lignin (a complex polymer) present in plants and isolated nondigestible carbohydrates that have physiologic effects in humans." Over the past few decades, the health benefits of dietary fiber have been substantiated through clinical research, and experts in diet and nutrition agree that consuming foods rich in fiber can promote good health in many different ways.

  • Some Dietary Fibers:
  • Bullet May promote laxation and maintain regularity
  • Bullet May provide prebiotic effects
  • Bullet May be part of a healthy diet
  • Viscous Soluble Fiber:
  • Bullet May decrease serum cholesterol levels*
  • Bullet May reduce the risk for heart disease*
  • Bullet Can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, as part of a healthy diet*

There's a Metamucil

Product for Every Patient

Compare Metamucil®  fiber products with this quick-reference chart.

  • Metamucil
  • Metamucil
  • Metamucil
  • Promotes digestive health
  • Contains 100% natural plant-based fiber
  • Fiber type has been studied in over 20 published clinical studies
  • Contains insoluble fiber
  • Contains viscous soluble fiber
  • Fiber FDA-approved for cholesterol reduction to promote heart health*
  • Forms a gel to help remove some bile acids
  • #1 doctor, gastroenterologist,2 & pharmacist1 recommended
  • Labeled indication for laxation
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels as part of a healthy diet*
  • Gluten free (less than 20 ppm gluten)*
  • Available for over 75 years
  • Available in unflavored, fruit flavored, Sugar, and Sugar Free powders
  • Available in convenient, on-the-go wafers, capsules, or single-serve sachets